With a massive number of abstracts submitted each year for presentations at our conferences, Poltekkes Kemenkes Bengkulu is dedicated to guaranteeing a timely and fair review process with the international norms of double-blind peer review. We are dependent on the support of highly qualified academics around the world to assist with this endeavor.

  • B-ICON double-blind peer review process is conducted by the Conference Secretariat under the guidance of the Scientific Committee Chair/ Conference Chair.
  • The Scientific Committee Chair/ Conference Chair serves as the Head of the Scientific Committee and will make the final decision on abstracts.
  • Scientific Committee Members are established academics who hold PhDs or other terminal degrees in their fields who have previous peer review experience.
  • Every abstract will undergo a double blind peer review by an international Scientific Committee Member within two to three weeks after its receipt.
  • Results of the abstract review will be sent to the author within two weeks of submission (Conditions apply if there is an emergency).
  • Notices of acceptance or rejection of the paper will be sent to the author with reviewer comments.
  • If revisions are required according to the reviewer comments, the revised abstract must be sent back within a week.
  • If your abstract is accepted, you will be invited to register for the Conference.

The Scientific Committee evaluates your abstract according to following criteria.
  • Aims/objectives clearly stated
  • Relevance to the conference
  • Structure of the paper
  • Clarity of language
  • Appropriateness of the research/study/ methodology
  • Discussion and conclusion

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