The paper submitted should never have been published before. All papers submitted will be processed through blind peer review to obtain a high-quality paper. After the selection process has finished, the papers accepted by the committee will be given a chance to be presented (oral, pre recorded video, and poster) and will be published in the ISBN conference proceeding (Indexed by Google Scholar). The selected paper will be submitted to SINTA Indexed Journal for an additional fee. 


"Empowering Interprofessional Health Collaboration in Enhancing Global Health"

We are inviting several high-profile academics of health studies to present their idea, research, and work in oral or poster presentation sessions. This event will be attended by academics (established and young scholars) and government, international organizations, and civil society representatives across Indonesia and foreign countries. We are calling for papers with specific focuses on:

  1. Global Public Health
  2. Nursing and Midwifery
  3. Agricultural, Food, and Nutrition
  4. Environmental Chemistry and Health Sanitation
  5. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
  6. Laboratory and Medical Technology
  7. Pharmaceutical and Herbs
  8. Medical Technology and Digitalization of Public Health
  9. Drug and Vaccine Discovery
  10. Medical Internet
  11. Green Technology
  12. Environmental Health
  13. Biomedical Engineering
  14. Biotechnology
  15. Bioinformatics and its application
  16. Health Informatics Technology
  17. E-Health Infrastructures and Systems
  18. Public Health 4.0
  19. Education
  20. Economics
  21. And other related topics

For an abstract maximum of 250 words

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