This page contain any information related to registration and fee. Please read this page carefully before you take any action regarding to the registration and its fee. 

Registration Fee

Notes for Presenter (oral/ video / poster) :

1. The Presenter (Author) registration fee covers webinar platform / in person seminar, review processing, and publication to ISBN Proceeding

2. The registration fee covers one presenter only, and those payment receipt should be submitted to our submission system.

3. Payments are non refundable

4. Participants are responsible for transfer fees and bank charges

5. At least one author for each accepted paper must register

6. For presenters (oral/video/poster), submit your abstract manuscript via :

then wait for the review results from the scientific committee. Once presenter received an acceptance letter (LoA) via email, presenter must fill the registration form via :

 and make payments through the bank account below.

7. After making the payment, author must upload / submit the payment receipt/proof to the link below 

8. Author also must upload the full article before the deadline via link below

9. All correspondence relate with presentation schedule, LoA notification, etc will be inform through official email

Notes for Seminar Participant (online / in person) :

1. Participant of seminar must register through the link below

2. After registered, participant must make a payment to the following bank account

For seminar participant (online), transfer your registration fee to the following account:

For seminar participant (in person), transfer the registration fee to the following account :

3. Participants are responsible for transfer fees and bank charges

4. After transferring the registration fee, please upload the payment receipt to the link 

5. Participants are expected to make payment within a maximum of 7 (seven) days after registering

6. Participant will received notification through email

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